Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Contract has been signed

April 21

I have just got off the phone from my publisher (doesn't that sound great) having ironed out the details re how much this is going to cost. He has offered me an unbelievable deal - the whole lot for £1105 - that includes converting the text to a PDF file, registering the ISBN, distribution in both the UK and North America, library deposits, uploading to the printers website, formatting as an e-book which will be available via the publishers own site, plus uploading to and .com, full cover design and proof reading. I can't believe what a good deal this is.
Richard who runs the company, has just emailed me the contract, so am off to the park in a minute for a cup of tea, and will read through the whole lot, then sign it, get the cheque and send it off. Then we are on our way!

I have signed the contract in the presence of 2 witnesses - Coran and my next door neighbour. It has then been signed, sealed, and shall very shortly be delivered. I was hoping to get to the building society today to get the cheque sorted out and what should happen when I got there - one parking space was free right outside, and I had exactly 40p in my purse for the meter. The countdown begins - three months and ticking.

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